Poetry in the Preschool (2.5 Hours)
"You will learn how rhyme, rhythm and repetition, the poet’s favorite tools, are already a vital part of your preschool day. Through books and interactive exercises, we’ll explore a variety of ways to build a child’s pre-reading skills while enriching your language arts curriculum."

Drumming with Young Children (2.5 Hours)
"Participants will learn how to facilitate drum circles while placing the emphasis on play rather than performance, and you’ll discover why group drumming appeals to all types of learners—nurturing a child’s growth in all areas of development, especially language arts. Instruments provided."

Upcoming Workshops:

Springfield City Librarians and Early Childhood Educators
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Past Workshops:

-  The Massachusetts Association for the Education of Young Children's annual conference, "Children: Our Link to Our Future" (Westford, MA)